Toques, Eh?

There’s nothing more Canadian, eh? I love me a good toque in the winter, I have to say, and we have some TERRIFIC toque options these days. From budget friendly to premium brands, we have the right toques to heat up your next branded gifting and giveaways! When it comes to looking at toques for your next promotion, there are a plethora of factors o consider: budget, decoration techniques, warmth ratings, colour ways, brands, etc.! Toques are such a great item, because they provide that value of an apparel piece, but you don’t have to worry about sizing – for the most part our toques are one size fits all, so no stressing about sizing!


The most common decoration we see on toques is definitely embroidery, but there are a bunch of other options we do have if you want to give out a little something different. 3D embroidery is a great option if you like the embroidered look, but want to take it up a notch, where the logo physically pops out from the toque. Laser etched leather patches are a classy retail-inspired option that are sewn onto the toques and available in standard or custom shapes. Woven Labels can also add a retail-inspired look, where your logo is custom woven on a tag which is then sewn on to the toque. And one of my personal faves – the looped label, which we can do in leather or woven so that your logo is looped around the edge of the toque or its cuff. It’s a smaller size, but I think it gives the toque a really classy custom look.


The four main styles I look at when quoting out toques are beanies, slouch toques, cuff toques, and ones with a pom pom. Beanies are your classic fit, basic model that is usually offered in a plethora of colours, and one of your more economical options! Slouch toques are made with a little extra length, so that you get that hipster slouch when it’s worn covering the ears, popular with young folks. Cuff toques are similar to beanies, but they have the extra cuff folded over around the rim of the toque, which is great for embroidering, but also serves to provide extra warmth around the ears! And finally pom pom toques, which are toques that have a pom pom added on the top.


We do offer several brands of toques such as New Era, North Face, Champion, and Columbia! I love Roots, because it’s got brand recognition matched with superior comfort and style. With inspiration from the most popular retail trends Roots has some amazing toque options to offer, from a chunkier knit cuff toque, to pom pom, to your classic knit beanie. They also having matching collections, so if you are looking for a gift set of, say, a toque, mittens and a scarf, Roots is a great option to consider!


I know what you’re thinking… Lisa, I can’t order hundreds of toques for a fully custom order. Well, let me tell you we have an amazing Canadian Supplier out of Montreal that does full custom knit toques with minimums of just 24 units! And that includes your logo custom knit into the hat, with up to 4 colours. And custom doesn’t have to be intimidating, if you don’t know what design you want, just let us know you are interested in custom, and we can go to work and put together some great mock ups for you to choose from. From standard beanies to cuff toques to youth styles and pom pom style, custom toques can add a real WOW factor and get your brand recognized!

Any way you slice it, toques are a super useful item whether to give out to staff or clients that can help increase your brand presence!

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