Top Promotional Products for Organized Travel & Business Trips

I was recently travelling for work and it got me thinking about all of the amazing promotional products related to travel, and how helpful and useful they can be! Whether it’s a work trip or personal trip, travelling can be a lot of stress (or maybe that’s just me) but there are definitely some products that you can use as a part of your next project that recipients can use to ease that stress away, knowing they are organized and all set for their next trip!

Even if you swear by using carrying-on luggage only, luggage tags can be a great and inexpensive promo item to use. Heaven forbid you’re forced to check your bag and it gets lost, having that luggage tag on there can provide some real peace of mind! And if you are one who checks their bag, luggage tags can also help you easily identify yours on the carousel of similar looking bags! With inexpensive options like this, to premium executive tags like this, we really can find a luggage tag that would work best for you and your project!

Even if you’re sitting up in business class, flights aren’t necessarily the most comfortable experience. Use products like neck pillows to offer a more comfortable flight experience, I especially like this memory foam packable option! And for in-flight entertainment, this Travel Journal from Moleskin is a great gift for travelers to document their experiences far and wide. And of course, how about some noise cancelling headphones, perfect to drown out that loud couple sitting in front of you, or even just to drown out the loud engine sounds to create as best a flight as possible. And if you’re looking for a cost-effective set of headphones, these compact earbuds are great too!

Items to Ease Packing

Toiletry bags are a perfect travel related accessory to give out! Even if you’re staying somewhere one night, you always need a bag for your bathroom essentials. We have so many options, from small clear bags like this one, to multi-purpose bags you can use for tech and toiletries, to premium toiletry bags like this lovely Bugatti Travel Case. A set of packing cubes can be another great item to give as a gift or giveaway, perfect for keeping your belongings separate if they need to be. I personally love to use these! I use one for my shoes, one for socks and smaller garments, and another for anything I want to keep contained separate from my other clothes. We have a great economical two-piece set, as well as more premium options like this Osprey ultralight packing set.

Travel Bags

Backpacks for your personal items to carry on the plane with you, and duffels and luggage for your main materials are great travel themed gifts. My tried and true backpacks that I have had for about 4 years and continue to use when I travel is this one, the quality is great, it has a padded laptop compartment and lots of inside pockets for everything you need for your flight! I love this duffle and have travelled several times with it! It has lots of pockets and opens to lay flat so I can see everything, and then when I am there, I can use one side for dirty, one side for clean. More traditional luggage like roller bags (Love this ECO option) are also great so you aren’t straining your back on though those long walks down to your gate!

Travel items are a great category to consider, whether it’s for a company retreat, staff appreciation or tradeshow giveaways – there are so many ways you can incorporate useful travel items into your next promotion!

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