Umbrellas & April Showers

We all know the expression – April showers bring May flowers! But don’t get caught in the rain this spring. Consider a custom umbrella for your next promotion, gift or giveaway. Umbrellas have a wide range of benefits and come in so many different styles and options. We are sure to find a style and product that will wow your team or clients! Check out these fun facts and options for promotional umbrellas: 

1. Utility

Umbrellas are an item with lots of utility, meaning people are going to actually use it and keep it! In fact, promotional umbrellas are typically kept for 14 months on average, one of the longer kept promotional items! (source: PCNA, 2021)

2. Countless impressions

An umbrella used out in public can have countless impressions with every use! Think about it, out comes the umbrella, making impressions on passersby with every rain fall. How’s that for a positive spin on a rainy day!


3. Large inprint areas

Large Imprint areas and full colour options allow for you to make a statement with your logo. Imprint your logo on one or multiple panels, or even do a fully customized canopy with full colour artwork for a Splash!


4. Stay on trend easily

Stay on trend with fun and fashionable patterns, or go with an eco-friendly option for the environmentally conscious users.


5. Stay dry with inversion technology

Stay dry with inversion technology – don’t you hate that feeling when you close your umbrella and the water leaks down all over your hands? No more! Choose an umbrella with an inversion closure so the water stays away and you stay dry!


Whether you are looking to promote a new product or service, appreciate your team or send thank you gifts to your best clients, umbrellas have got you covered!

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Lisa Karjala
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