Umbrellas to Grow Your Business?

Umbrellas are an excellent way to promote your business! We all need them; we all use them and few of us go out to “treat ourselves” to one, so they make for an excellent client or employee gift!


Umbrellas are one of the most useful promotional items you can give or receive. If you time this right, for example you distribute them during spring and fall, they can be an excellent choice for swag! When I spent days on the road during these seasons, I was always sure to carry half a dozen branded umbrellas in my car.  When it was a rainy day, I would pop into some of my clients’ offices, leave the umbrellas as a gift with a little note that said “Didn’t want you to get caught in the rain today. For your marketing and promotional needs, I’ve also got your covered”.  The response was awesome, people were so appreciative, especially if it was bucketing out!

Non gender or age specific

The designs are endless, the styles range from conservative to fun and funky and they make an excellent promotional gift because they can be used across generations, genders and since the rain doesn’t discriminate, neither will the need for one when the heavens open!

The Possibilities are Endless

Your creative possibilities are endless with umbrellas. You have a huge ad space to work with, a multitude of colours and the opportunity to tie clever taglines to your gift.  Check out some of these fun sayings that could accompany your next umbrella initiative…

“We’ve got your covered”

“We offer shelter from the storm”

“Our service reigns and we would love to prove it to you”

“Why wait for a rainy day when you can grow your business today”

“We’ve got the tools to make it rain”

Appreciated when needed

Umbrellas are much like car safety kits, flashlights and insurance, you don’t realize how grateful you are for them until you need them! If you’ve given an umbrella to one of your clients and they get stuck in a storm before a big presentation and find your umbrella in their car, you bet they’re going to appreciate your gift.

Think outside of the box, have fun and if you’re looking for designs and slogans that will not only have impact but generate sales leads, be sure to connect below to chat more.

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