5 Ways Virtual Event Swag Bags Can Take Your Event to the Next Level!

We are living in a virtual world, but like Madonna, I am a material girl! Never have I craved connection and physical contact more – something that I used to get from going to meetings, tradeshows, conferences and in-person events. With most events now virtual, let’s help provide that contact and connection with physical swag. Even though we may not be able to get together, hug and share the same space, we can still foster that physical bond and connection with virtual event attendees with Virtual Event Swag Bags! Here are five great reasons why sending virtual event swag bags can make your event more memorable. 

1. Use remote gifting to help secure or promote a sponsor

Swag can be a great way to help you secure a sponsor for your next event. If your sponsors aren’t sure about supporting your event, let them know each recipient will receive a physical gift as a part of their sponsorship. This provides that next level touch point with the event attendees, that will leave lasting impressions far beyond the event! Connecting a sponsor’s brand to a guaranteed a feel-good moment is absolutely priceless!

2. Providing tangibility to an intangible experience

Virtual events have been wonderful in allowing us to connect with others from a safe distance, but we still are missing that physical element, which can be brought back in with physical swag. When you send out a virtual event swag bag, box or kit to the event attendees, it brings back some of that excitement and joy they would get from in-person events. 

3. Keep engagement high with timed gifts

Send out your swag with instructions on when to open each item! We did this for one of our events and it worked wonderfully. We had participants open one item the night before, one item during the event, and one to open at the end of the event. This can keep engagement high throughout the event, and gives attendees something to look forward to! You can also have them pose for a Zoom pic with the item they opened at the event for social media. That BONUS is some added exposure for you and your sponsors!

4. Provide a sense of belonging and togetherness

How cool would it be if everyone at your virtual event received the same gift, so they could all share in how much they’ve used it, or how they are planning to use the item? It provides a conversation starter, and the event attendees are left feeling like they are a part of something larger than themselves. Branded products, that ONLY the people at this event received – now that’s a winner! How incredible would it be if, for instance, an attendee wore a hat from your event out in public and ran into a stranger also wearing your branded swag? An instant connection and sense of togetherness made possible by your team!

5. Use products to support your event theme

You can use the physical products you send to help generate excitement and support your theme – perhaps you are having an environment event and you can send some recycled products or seed paper! Perhaps you are launching a new product and you’ve instructed your attendees not to open the gift they received until during the event. Then you all get to watch everyone’s amazed reactions as they receive one of the very first of your new product? By sending a tangible item, your theme and messaging will continue on much longer past the virtual experience of the event. And if you’re strategic about how you plan it out, the way you made each attendee feel will have an even bigger lasting impact!

Reach out to us today so we can help you find the perfect way to connect with your virtual event attendees for your next event.

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Lisa Karjala
Andrea Szabo
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