Why Virtual Swag is Virtually Disappointing & What to Offer Instead

While live events have gone online, some of our clients have asked us about virtual gifting.  While we offer fabulous physical gifts to support online events, we do not offer virtual gifts like flyers, coupons, or gift cards.

Here’s why, we have found that most “digital” gift cards get deleted in error or go unused while delivered gifts provide the following positive benefits to enhance your attendees’ experience…

The Benefits of Tangible Gifts Over Virtual Swag Options

Sense of Excitement

Receiving a gift prior to an event in the mail is so thrilling! To build momentum and excitement for the event, we can place stickers on the outside of the box or brand the box with teaser statements like “Do not open before March 1st”!

We can help you make the experience even more rewarding for the recipient by leveling up the type of box that is used. There’s a lot of clout put in to the unpackaging experience. That’s why Apple has suction on their boxes to slow down the process of opening and building anticipation. We can help you achieve that too!

Sense of Belonging

We all want to feel a part of something. It’s why we spend $75 on a $10 t-shirt at a concert. We want to feel like we are part of something bigger than ourselves, a community, a movement. Your delegates want to feel a sense of belonging to your association or company. Include gifts like fabulously decorated apparel pieces so delegates can show up at the event wearing the same t-shirt or hat. Create a sense of community by incorporating a play on words or an “inside” joke that only your community can relate to and use it on branded swag to make people feel like they’re on the inside. This simply cannot be achieved with a digital coupon.

Value to Sponsors

Let’s face it, getting sponsors onboard during this climate is so much more difficult than it was in a face-to-face conference setting. In order to bring more value to sponsors, we have to up our game to attract those dollars. Providing branded merchandise with sponsor logos is a great way to provide delegates with a tasteful gift while highlighting the sponsor in a way that live events don’t support.

Imagine it’s the 10:00 a.m. break and you ask your delegate to grab the RBC chocolate covered almonds and show them on their screens. Take a screenshot and tag RBC or have delegates take selfies on their breaks with a hashtag like #rbcmorningboost! Your delegates will love the timed treats and your sponsors will love the exposure and ability to measure the metrics on social!

Residual Marketing Exposure

Dollars are tight for everyone this year and, as always, carefully selected branded merchandise will provide exposure each time the item is used. Unlike digital advertising which is a click away from being forgotten, branded swag will be revisited and used over and over again, displaying the sponsor or your company logo for months and years to come.

Less is More

As always, the important thing is that swag is selected in a mindful way. One trend that we’ve seen in 2020 is “less is more”. Rather than fill a bag or box full of small ticket items, consider one larger quality item that will be really appreciated, talked about and used. Reach out to us for fabulous gift ideas at https://virtualeventswagbags.com/ to check out some ideas or to build a custom kit from scratch contact us and we’ll be  in touch!

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Nikki Pett
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