Virtual Gifting: Why Virtual Gift Cards Just Don’t Cut it

Organizing and planning gifts for clients and team members while everyone is working remotely can be a challenge – we get it. We’ve worked with some clients who have been overwhelmed with the idea and have opted to send out virtual gift cards in lieu of a physical gift. We wanted to share with you that, while sending a virtual gift card may seem like an easier option in the short term, you may be missing out on some key benefits only a tangible gift can give.

3 Reasons Why Virtual Gifting Doesn't Work

Wasted Money

A survey conducted by Consumer Reports indicated that many gift cards are never actually used (Consumer Reports, 2019). Whether you send a virtual or physical gift card, they can be lost, forgotten about, or the recipient just doesn’t like your choice of store. In fact, according to that survey, 38% of people either forgot about the gift card they had received or lost it. Again, leaving your budget on the table with no lasting impact. The last thing you want is to have your clients or team members forget about the appreciation your organization has for them!

Lack of a Lasting Impact

The lasting impact of a branded physical gift vs. a gift card is night and day. Even if the recipient uses the gift card, there is no reason for them to remember where they got it from. With a branded physical gift, they will be reminded of your brand every time they see or use the item, generating lasting impressions with the recipient and added exposure of your brand to anyone else who sees the item. Taking the time to pick out the right gift that each recipient will not only keep but use over and over again is key – and that’s where we shine! We are here to tie your brand and messaging to that perfect gift.

The Unboxing Experience

People love the unpacking/unwrapping experience. And why not, it’s fun! Receiving a package to your home of office still generates that sense of excitement, anticipation and surprise. When you send out a physical gift, you get that emotional response from unwrapping a gift, which adds a deeper connection with your brand. Further, when you send out a physical gift you can use custom printed messaging cards or packaging to enforce the message and brand communication with the recipients. 

Make Them Feel Worth the Effort

Gift cards are often chosen as an “easy” or “quick” option for gifts. Especially virtual gift cards. Don’t send the wrong impression to your clients or team by making them feel like they aren’t worth the effort. A gift card sent virtually can show that you haven’t spent the time or thought into getting them a gift that will make a lasting impact. This may just have the exact opposite effect you want!
So, what’s the solution here?
I know sending out physical gifts virtually can seem like a daunting task, but it is well worth it for the lasting impact and emotional connection it will foster with recipients. We are also here to help you through every step, from sourcing products that fit into your budget, to split shipping and sending out on your behalf. And if your heart is set on sending a gift card, consider sending out the gift card with a branded item that the recipients can hang onto. We are here to take away the worry and help you and your brand leave a long-lasting impression!  
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Lisa Karjala
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