Why You Need Promo Right Now

I get it, budgets are tight; there is so much about the future that’s unknown, and you think “promo is the last thing on my mind, we don’t need any products right now” and, technically, you’re right. You don’t need products.

But here is what you do need – you need an efficient, engaged and productive team. You need raving clients that are not only going to do repeat business with you, but also refer anyone they know to you. You need creative ways of attracting new business with tradeshows and conferences being cancelled. This is where promotional products come in – they can help you achieve these goals.

For Engaged Teams

Consider sending out a branded product to your team as they work remotely. This can help to foster that sense of connection so many of us are missing right now. Make it fun and ask everyone to share their items on a team Zoom call!

This can also be an opportunity for you to share a message or tip from the management team on balance and wellness during this time. How you treat your employees during, especially now, and they will remember if you went out of your way to send them something.

For Raving Clients

Send a personally handwritten note with a branded gift to clients who have supported you and your organization during this time. Try sending out something they can use in their home office so they will be reminded of the work you did for them.

By adding that extra touch point after you have done business with them, you increase your chances of them remembering you for the next time they need your product or service, and may even be so impressed by the touch point that they refer you to a new client.

For New Clients

Reach out to us about an Executive Door Opener program. With the cancellation of tradeshows worldwide, use this strategy to gain new clients. Determine a few of your top ideal new clients and send a specific contact a branded gift with messaging that will catch their attention.
Use the gift you send as a warm introduction to the opportunity to discuss more about how you can work together in the future.

We understand that everyone is feeling the pressures of the unknown and tightening budgets. But that doesn’t mean you need your team or your clients less – in fact it’s the opposite. Invest your marketing dollars in specific items that will work with your message and foster engagement with your supporters. We are all so desperate for connection these days. Be the organization that will stand out above others and create an impact that will leave a lasting impression.

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Lisa Karjala
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