4 Factors to Consider When Ordering Winter Jackets for Your Team

I’ll admit, we’ve had a pretty mild winter so far! But don’t let that stop you from considering branded jackets this winter for gifts, incentives or part of your team uniforms. The snow will be here before we know it! When looking for your next jacket there can be a lot of options which can be overwhelming. Never fear, the Sigma team is here! Check out the below factors to consider when thinking about a jacket as a branded apparel piece.

This is certainly one of the most important factors I would say when looking at jackets for your team, especially winter jackets! Is this a jacket you would want them to have during transition seasons, or the heart of February in Winnipeg! Typically, winter jackets will fall into one of three categories: -4°C to 5°C, -15°C to -10°C and -20°C and below… brrr!!

Either way, we have warmth ratings for almost all our styles, so if you are looking for a specific temperature you want to keep you team warm at, we can find it!

It is important to understand who exactly the audience is for your jackets, as the audience can largely determine what kind of functionality you need the jackets to have. If recipients of these jackets are construction workers, office staff, or business executives, the functions of the piece would vary greatly. A construction worker would likely be looking for something with good physical movement, warmth and high visibility vs a sales rep in and out of their vehicle all day might look at something a little more formal and lighter weight being in and out of the car and offices. The jackets you provide for staff usually would serve a different functionality than a jacket you give to a client. If you’re not sure what kind of jackets your audience might need, we can help!


While functionality above is important to consider, I LOVE talking to my clients and finding out what style of jacket they are looking for. This can overlap slightly with the functionality, but style can also incorporate how the jacket represents your brand and how much the recipients are going to want to wear it! We have so many wonderful styles from bombers to parkas, to puffers, to soft shells!  The audience for the jackets will also help you determine the style, so keep what they might like to wear in mind!


Brands, especially retail brand can bring a lot of extra value when choosing a winter jacket. That’s not to say jackets without brands have less value, but there certainly is an extra level of desire with brand name jackets, which often comes with a larger price tag.  Roots, The North Face, Spyder and even Carhartt are some popular brands that can help you take your jackets to the next level!

If you are thinking about doing jackets for your next gift, or for a team uniform or appreciation, please do reach out to us! We would love the opportunity to serve you and help you find the perfect fit for your winter jackets!

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Lisa Evenden
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