How to WOW Virtual Gifting Recipients

With events and work continuing to be virtual, we have experienced a huge increase in the demand for virtual gifts, swag bags, and other branded materials to be shipped directly to recipients’ homes. We’ve come up with four areas to think about when you start your next kitting project to help make the project a success!

1. Shipping

So, this may seem like an obvious step, but it’s something to keep in mind in terms of how to most effectively gather addresses, and where the packages are going. There are many online resources you can use to gather all participant addresses so you can reduce your volume of emails  and have everything organized in one place! Another thing to keep in mind is the geographic distance the packages need to travel. Are they being shipped within one region? One province? Across the country? Across the globe? You can expect different lengths of time in transit depending on where the packages need to travel. We encourage you to be mindful of heavy duty packaging options for items going longer distances.

2. Packaging

How does the package actually arrive on the recipients from door step or office? Have you gone for a cool custom box, so they immediately know who it’s from? Is it a nice gift bag, packaged neatly inside an appropriately sized shipper box for safety? Have you added a label to the outside of any of the boxes? We have a wide array of custom options for these projects from custom mailer boxes, branded envelopes, bags, tissue, and labels, even custom shipping tape! Let us help to make your packages really wow the recipients from the first impression! Even if you decide not to go custom with the packaging, you can still have a nice coloured mailer box or envelope to compliment your branding, which increases the perceived value and presentation.

3. Presentation

When sending out a package to multiple locations, even if it’s just one item, how will that item be placed in the packaging? Is it just loose in a box, or have you coordinated crinkle paper or tissue to add to the unboxing experience? What does it look like when they first open that box? Have you included a romance card with a thank you message, or other communication about the project? Whether it’s an appreciation item or for a specific event, a simple post card added can go a long way. The presentation step is an area where you can really wow the recipients and an important one to consider in the planning process!

4. Products

And of course, the product! What are you actually sending to your recipients? Does it make sense with the messaging you are trying to convey? Typically, people would rather receive one really nice item, than multiple smaller items. Have you branded the items specific to the project messaging?  Does it tie in to the purpose? We have so many great products to choose from and can help use the product to further solidify your messaging. And, of course, utility – you want the recipient to use or keep the item you are sending them for as long as possible, which increases your brand impressions, furthering the impact of your virtual project.

If you get stuck on any of these steps, please feel free to reach out to your Sigma Sales rep. We are here and happy to guide you through this process and how we can make your next virtual gifting project a success!

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Lisa Karjala
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